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Backed by over 80 years of experience, your local Culligan Man has the perfect solution for your family's water concerns.

Water Softeners

Say goodbye to dry skin, spotted glassware and high water heating bills when you rent or buy a Culligan® Water Softener!

Salt-Free Water Conditioner

Reduce hard water scale without using salt or electricity when you rent or buy a Culligan® Salt-Free Water Conditioner!

Water Filters

Get rid of rotten-egg smells, cloudy sediment and acid stains when you rent or buy a Culligan® Water Filter!

Whole Home Systems

Skip hard water spots, chlorine smells and rust stains when you rent or buy a Culligan® Whole Home System!

Drinking Water Systems

Never worry about chlorine, "rotten-egg smells" and foul tastes when you rent or buy a Culligan® Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System!

Bottleless Coolers

Take care of problem drinking water and bottle storage issues when you rent a Culligan® Bottle-Free Cooler!

More Than Water | Culligan

Nothing is more important to life than water. From microscopic organisms to massive cities, water sustains us all. That's why, for more than 80 years, we've worked to provide the world with safe, clean and affordable water.
But today, the world faces a new range of challenges that require a global effort, with individuals, corporations and governments working together to build a better world. That's why we're renewing our commitment to making a real difference in the health and wellness of all people throughout the world.
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Special Offers

See our current Culligan water systems specials and enjoy healthy, high-quality water with Culligan. Better deals on better water.

Water Systems

Good, clean drinking water is essential to everyone's health. Culligan has the right water system for all your water treatment needs.

Free Water Test

Don't wonder what's in your water - your Culligan Man can tell you. Contact us for a free water test!

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What Clients Say
Impressive, Necessary and Thankful for this Company! The staff at this office serves as an example of phenomenal customer service which should be admired by all companies. This office assisted us with the reverse osmosis filtration replacement. Joe was very patient with us and taught us exactly what to do and informed us of the best methods of procedures moving forward to replace our filters. After a while, we received a coupon in the mail for a discount on the purchase of filters after we had purchased filters from them. We brought in the purchased filters and decided to purchase filters for the following year since the discount would take affect. John assisted us and made the transition smooth. We saved a considerable amount of dollars on the purchase of the filters. John also reiterated the process of changing out the filters and was very patient with us even though he was swamped. Now, the impressive part. We have a particle meter (not sure of the name) which measures the parts per million of impurities in the water. You can buy once for less than $15. Distilled water has 0ppm, bottled water has anywhere from 12 to 15ppm. The water out of the reverse osmosis system is an outstanding 6ppm after the filters were replaced. The concentration measure 8 to 9ppm prior to replacing the filters. Wouldn't use any other company and strongly recommend this office.
Culligan Customer
Vincenzo Caccavale
- Culligan Customer